SPAC services for Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies and product managers are constantly looking at ways to improve the experiences patients have with their products. It is critical that patients take their medications as prescribed by their physicians, and that pharmaceutical companies have the means to measure the success of oral chemotherapy protocols once they are prescribed to patients. Collecting the following information from patients is a huge challenge: 

  • Effectiveness of the drug and its performance
  • Side effects and adverse events, if any
  • Patient compliance and adherence

SPAC services bridge the gap between patients, physicians and pharmaceutical companies. Healthcare services initiated by physicians are reinforced and extended through the creation of a channel that improve the communication, coordination and cooperation among key players involved in delivering these services.

Our services encompass the following needs of pharmaceutical companies:

  • Patient support lines
  • Clinical guidelines (NCCN;compendia listings)
  • Patient education for each product
  • REMS education and management
  • Financial counseling
  • Drug utilization reports with outcomes
  • Services designed based on the needs of marketing, product managers and sales
  • Online, email, text and phone support specific to each drug for the patients and physicians

We do more than others

We establish strong communication channels to and among those individuals following the oral chemotherapy protocols: physicians, other healthcare professionals, patients, and pharmaceutical product managers.

SPAC Advantages:
  • Enabling the oncologist to be engaged into the delivery of oral cancer agents to their patients
  • Getting patients started on therapy immediately
  • Patient portal
SPAC - Strong compliance and effective reporting:
  • Sales by zip code
  • Outcomes by products
  • Hurdle reporting in the sales process

If you represent a pharmaceutical company, sign-up with SPAC International to achieve improved health outcomes and improved patient compliance for your oral chemotherapy products. Enrollment fees apply.