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Sargas Pharmaceutical Adherence and Compliance (SPAC) International has developed a proprietary Chronic Care Management Cloud® platform (CCM), Drug Adherence®, Medication Therapy Monitoring® (MTM), and Mobile Oncology Medication Therapy Monitoring® technologies to keep physicians and patients engaged from the time a treatment is initiated through the entire treatment process. This team approach to treatment management not only enables patients to reap maximum benefits and achieve the best outcomes, but also, reduces costs to the healthcare system. The HIPAA Compliant and certified SPAC Chronic Care Management Physician, Patient and Pharmacy Portals® allow for real-time, critical patient health information exchange among various providers. The interoperability within our Remote Physiologic Patient Monitoring (RPM), Medication Therapy Monitoring ® and Chronic Care Management Cloud® (CCM) Platforms help us achieve the Triple Aim in Healthcare by improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of health care. Note that the Triple Aim is a unified mission that drives us here at Sargas.

SPAC believes any efforts to improve the patient experience in accessing and receiving treatment especially cancer and acute care medication which must be closely integrated with the physician's office. Providing any patient services that does not begin with the physician leads to confusion for both the patient and any other service providers. Therefore, SPAC has coordinated its patient centered solutions with the help of physicians and their staff to allow for more control over the overall patient experience. In consideration of the program's promise of success, SPAC services are funded by organizations invested in a positive patient experience, physicians, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. Please feel free to contact our team to learn more about our unique model and how it can help improve the delivery of treatment for your patients.

why us?

Sargas has developed interoperability for the entire healthcare enterprise to deliver value based care
  1. Partnership with the healthcare providers
    1. SPAC Chronic Care Management Physician, Patient and Pharmacy Portals® are built to provide Chronic Care Management (CCM) and real time critical health information exchange for the entire healthcare enterprise including physicians, health plans, hospitals, pharmacies, social workers, and more.
    2. Remote Patient Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) platform that engage the patient with their physicians and capture their critical physiologic data in real time from FDA approved devices.
    3. Medication Therapy Monitoring® (MTM) platform that includes Drug Adherence® mHealth products for immediate feedback on patient symptoms, performance status, persistence and adherence .
  2. Partnership with patients
    1. Minimizing the barriers that prevent patients from quickly accessing their treatments
    2. Utilizing all possible means including mHealth to communicate with patients and their caregivers or family members in the way that works best for them. Text messages, phone follow-up and email messages regarding treatment compliance.
    3. Call Center with Care teams comprise of clinically trained staff and certified health professionals to assist the patients 24/7 with their treatment needs.
    4. Remote Patient Physiologic Monitoring platform that captures patients critical physiological data from their devices(like blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, weight etc) at home and displays it in a real time for the physician to review, so that they can proactively manage the chronic conditions and prevent ER visits and hospitalization while delivering better outcomes.
  3. Partnership for value based care:
    1. Chronic Care Management Cloud® that includes Remote Physiologic Patient Monitoring for Physicians, Hospitals, Health Plans, Accountable Care Organizations, Home Health Agencies, FQHC’s to deliver value based care while achieving “Triple Aim” in healthcare that refers to the simultaneous pursuit of improving the patient experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of health care. Note that the Triple Aim is a single aim with three dimensions that is driving the Sargas Technology Platform.


did you know?

  • The World Health Organization has identified non-adherence as a major health problem. An estimated 50% of those for whom medicines are prescribed do not take them as advised.

    Non-compliance skews the data on prescription products, making them seamless effective than they actually are. Pharmaceutical companies need a targeted initiative based on a clear needs assessment and thorough analysis to avoid this pitfall.

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